Check Flat Files


FlatPack Java API For Flat Files  v.3.2.0

Simple Java delimited and fixed width file parser.

Flat File Checker Beta  v.1.0

Flat File Checker is an easy to use but powerful program designed for flat file validation.


Flat File Reporting  v.3.7.4

This project offers Drag and Drop Report Design (via IReports / Jasper Reports)for Flat Files (Fixed Width / CSV / Cobol)

StarCraft II Repair  v.

StarCraft II Repair Utility can check your files and replace corrupted files as well. You can get the latest version available from Download this free tool and explore the possibilities.

UP2 Alarm after CountDown  v.

UP2 Alarm after CountDown is a program that has six CountDowns, with custom alarm song, the project, is very customizable, is developed in Visual Basic 2010, and uses xml based flat files, for languages.

FindDataBugs  v.0.30 Dev 3

Check your files for bugs with this tool. FindDataBugs finds bugs in data and helps you fix them. Designed to find a wide range of bugs, flaws and inconsistencies within data of all kinds,

Pngcheck  v.2.3.0

PNG (Portable Network Graphics image format) and MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics image and animation format) home sites.Check PNG files integrity with the help of this tool. pngcheck is a simple,

CryptoUP  v.

Encryption/decryption of any kind of file and a bit level crypto analyzer. CryptoUP. It makes use of several user selectable methods. FindSR is a bit-level analyzer to check encrypted files for security reasons.

Portable JottiQ  v.1.1.1

JottiQ is a lightweight tool that was designed in order to help you check your files for viruses.

JottiQ 1.1.1Build39993  v.39993

JottiQ is a lightweight tool that was designed in order to help you check your files for viruses.

JRecord  v.0.68.2

The JRecord Library is a java library for reading / writing Cobol-Files (including Mainframe files) / Fixed length Flat files (Text / Binary) / Delimited files.

ActiveBoard  v.b

A fully featured bulletin board system that uses flat files to store content (no database system required).

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